What to Expect During Your Underground Water or Sewer Line Repair!

The laundry tub in your basement is full of sewage, your toilets will not go down, and you hear gurgling noises from your sinks.  These are all signs you may have a blockage or broken sewer line.  It’s time to call a plumber, at Accurate Plumbing we specialize in sewer line replacement and repair.  Our technician will come out and do a full inspection of your drain lines.  If the issue is discovered to be a blockage, we will clear the blockage on site with our drain cleaning machine or jetter.  If the issue is not resolved by cleaning or jetting the line we will suggest to camera your drain lines.  We will run our camera thru your drain lines to locate the issue and provide a copy of the video to you with a full report of our findings.  If a replacement becomes necessary we are here to walk you thru the process from start to finish.  We will purchase the necessary permits needed to complete your job, call for the mark out to safely dig in your yard to avoid other utilities such as your cable, gas or electric lines. We complete the repair as quickly and safely as possible and do our best to leave your lawn looking the best it can once the replacement has been made.  Accurate Plumbing has been serving your neighbors in Pitman and the surrounding area for 32 years.  Give us a call!  “Is Today Soon Enough?”