Energy Star, what’s it really mean to me?

The ENERGY STAR program was created by the Environmental Protection Agency back in 1992. Its goal is to combat climate change and spur economic growth through energy efficient products.

IS IT WORKING? –   You be the judge. Americans with the help of ENERGY STAR prevented 43 million metric tons of greenhouse gases in 2008 alone from going into the atmosphere. Just how much is that? Imagine parking 29 million cars for an entire year and saving 19 billion dollars, yes billion not a typo on household utility bills!

The ENERGY STAR program encompasses many different products from cars (cash for clunkers) to refrigerators, windows, heaters, air conditioners, etc, and yes HOT WATER HEATERS!

SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? – It’s simple; you can help out the environment and save a chunk of money on your taxes while replacing that outdated clunker hot water heater.

HOW DO I QUALIFY FOR THE TAX REBATE? – Any hot water heater with an ENERGY FACTOR of .82 or above qualifies. Most storage tank water heaters don’t qualify for the tax credit because they can’t meet the .82 energy factor. In fact most aren’t even close coming in at about .58 to .60.

HOW MUCH COULD I SAVE? – An average 40 gallon gas hot water heater costs about $300.00 dollars a year to operate. This varies of course, especially if you have several young daughters in your house, sorry girls! A tankless model could save you more then $100.00 per year on energy costs! Throw in the (30% of the cost, up to $1500.00 TAX CREDIT) from Uncle Sam and you’re on your way to helping the environment and saving big bucks on your taxes!

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? –  A tankless water heater takes planning and not every installation will be cost affective. Don’t wait until your heater is leaking to make the switch. You’ll just end up going back to that inefficient dinosaur tank model again, or going several days without hot water, never a pleasant ordeal.

GIVE US A CALL- We’ll be happy to help you choose a solution that’s right for your home. Mention this article and save an additional $100.00 on your installation!

Lance Riccioli
President Accurate Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Inc.
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