Energy Star, what’s it really mean to me?

October 10, 2009

The ENERGY STAR program was created by the Environmental Protection Agency back in 1992. Its goal is to combat climate change and spur economic growth through energy efficient products. IS IT WORKING? –   You be the judge. Americans with the help of ENERGY STAR prevented 43 million metric tons of greenhouse gases in 2008…

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Faucet Repair

October 9, 2009

The dreaded leaking faucet! You’re in a good mood, you come home to grab a glass of water or wash that dish your kid left in the sink and your kitchen faucet won’t shut off! If it’s not one thing, it’s another! You turn it on and off, jiggle the handle. No luck. You’re not…

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My toilet seems to have a mind of its own!

October 8, 2009

Of all the repairs we make each day, toilets always seem to top the list! It usually starts out slow; you don’t notice it at first. Gradually your toilet starts running when ever it feels like it. It may only run for what seems like a short time, but in reality it’s wasting a great…

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Before you hire a plumber, did you know?

October 7, 2009

All plumbers are not created equal.  In order to practice plumbing in the State of New Jersey a person must be licensed as a Master Plumber through the State Board of Examiners of Master Plumbers and carry a bond in favor of the State of New Jersey in the sum of $3,000.00. So what does…

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